4 colour process

Here at Big Fag, we often fantasise about printing with loads of colours… But as our machine only prints one colour at a time, printing multicolour-style often involves lots of trickery and cunning-smarts in the preparation and execution thereof.

But as clever as we are, we’ve never been as cunning as this fellow, Xavier Antin, who completed a 4-colour CMYK print, using four separate printers in an incredible daisy chain of office-level technological heritage!

MAGENTA=Stencil duplicator
CYAN=Spirit duplicator
BLACK=Laser printer
YELLOW=Inkjet printer

The results are quite stunning:

4 colour result

Check it out over here… If you have time, follow the links, his other projects, hacking inkjet printers are pretty whacky too…

(…thanks to Marcus for the link…)