Diego Bonetto wins the Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize!

diego bonetto and georgie pollard
[photo courtesy of The Madding Crowd]

Diego Bonetto, one of the directors of the Big Fag Press, has won the 2011 Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize!

Diego’s prizewinning work was an installation comprising one of his famous weed terrariums, alongside a print he produced in 2010 on the Big Fag:

diego terrarium audit
[Diego Bonetto, Terrarium Audit, 2010, in collaboration with Lucas Ihlein]

[Diego Bonetto, Weed Terrarium, 2010]

The print was produced in collaboration with Lucas Ihlein, as part of Lucas’ Environmental Audit project. Both the print, and the Terrarium were produced as part of the exhibition In the Balance: Art for a Changing World at the MCA.

This year, the MCAP was shared between Diego and Georgie Pollard. Congratulations to you both!!