Share a plate with Mirra Whale, for delicious prints

We’re excited over here at the Big Fag Press, as we managed to secure Mirra Whale for our next printing workshop in the Share a Pl8 series, so good, book your place today.

Share a plate with Mirra

Share a plate with Mirra


Mirra is most famous for her exquisite drawings, portraiture (see here for her selection for the Archibald last year) and big scale prints of weeds, and she will join the Big Fag team for  a small numbers/high attention time. Learn how to create a beautiful artwork inspired by the long standing tradition of still life. Here’s a selection of drawings, etchings and aquatints form Mirra’s hands:


We have now devised a workshop where willing printers can literally share a (printing) plate to produce some limited edition lithographic prints of your own. The workshop is spread across two Saturdays in August and Mirra will guide the participants through the steps of creating an artwork inspired by a still life which in turns will get editioned in the second part of the learning process.

You will be introduced to various techniques, engage with the workings of lithography, prepare your artwork, get skilled up on design and mark-making and get to produce your very own limited edition artwork. Sign them, date them and voila’ you got a set of presents for your loved ones!

For more information, what to expect, what to prepare and how much head here, only 8 tickets available!

Below the flier for you to print and share if want>