The Centre For Deep Reading at Big Fag Press

This March the Press printed a job with and hosted an event for the Centre For Deep Reading. The Centre is an organisation initiated by Nick Keys & Ella Skilbeck-Porter dedicated to deepening the reading practices of contemporary writers and readers in general.

The Print Job – Patron Saint Cards & Bookmarks

Illustrations and calligrams by David Sater, and designed by BFP veteran and certified digital guru Patrick Armstrong, the CDR print job produced the first two in a series of Patron Saint cards as well as event-specific bookmarks.

Lispectors Livestream – 13 piece improvised poetry reading (one night only)

On March 25th, The Press opened its doors to CDR for Lispectors, a group reading event dedicated to the work of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. In the above photo, Lispectors rehearse at the press before the reading.

Lispectors then moved a few archways down to the band room where they encircled Emma Ramsay’s binaural microphone. Livestreamed as part of Source Material, the Lispectors broadcast was a one-hour improvised group poetry reading with 13 voices in 3 different languages. The 13 readers worked thematically through material from all of Clarice Lispector’s body of work, including commentary by Helene Cixous. The raw audio file can be heard here and an edited and produced version will soon be forthcoming.

LISPECTORS: Clockwise from Stephanie King (bottom, in red): Susannah Jack, Holly Isemonger, Emily Stewart, Gabriela Soares, Lili Munhoz, Gabi Brasil (absent here but would arrive soon), Nick Keys, Emma Rayward, Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Aurora Scott, & Justin Wolfers.