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Maricor Manalo: Vox Populis

Maricor Manalo: Vox Populis
2007, 2010

610 X 910 cm
Black ink on uncoated stock, 140gsm

The first edition (not numbered) was produced for Maricor’s exhibition at Kinokuniya, Sydney in 2007.

The second edition, on 200gsm acid-free stock, is limited to 100 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

Maricor Manalo is currently working with her sister as MaricorMaricar. They are illustrators, animators, graphic designers and makers of things assorted. The sibling duo have an unusual obsession with paper and patterns, and are into geeking out with gachapon toys and enjoy getting crafty with embroidery and fimo.

Read a little bit more about Maricor’s collaboration with Big Fag Press here.

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