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Share a plate with Mirra Whale, for delicious prints

We’re excited over here at the Big Fag Press, as we managed to secure Mirra Whale for our next printing workshop in the Share a Pl8 series, so good, book your place today.

Share a plate with Mirra

Share a plate with Mirra


Mirra is most famous for her exquisite drawings, portraiture (see here for her selection for the Archibald last year) and big scale prints of weeds, and she will join the Big Fag team for  a small numbers/high attention time. Learn how to create a beautiful artwork inspired by the long standing tradition of still life. Here’s a selection of drawings, etchings and aquatints form Mirra’s hands:

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A Very Wild Surprise

Here at the press we present all sort of events, and coming up there are a set of wild ones!


Co-founder Diego Bonetto will host a series of happenings as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now presented by ANZ.

The glorious Big Fag location will frame an evening of wild appetisers and music after a stroll at dusk along Glebe’s Rozelle and Blackwattle Bays. Diego will take guests on a discovery tour of the area, presenting the many edible plants living in the landscape. You will learn to identify and prepare food growing everywhere, including your own backyards and then savour them thanks to chef Joey Astorga and mixologists Byron Woolfrey and Chris Thomas from Trolley’d.

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Bayu Widodo Exhibition at Big Fag Press

bayu exhibition big fag press

CETAK SARANG ATTACK #1 – A travelling exhibition and printmaking event. (Cetak Sarang means “Screen-printing”!)

Click here for the Facebook event page.

During the past month, celebrated Indonesian printmaker Bayu Widodo has been artist in residence at Footscray Community Arts Centre in Melbourne, and Megalo Print Studio in Canberra.

Now, join us at Big Fag Press in Sydney for Bayu’s last Aussie hurrah before he heads back home to Yogyakarta, “The Berlin of Asia”.

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Big Fag in the news


Great shout out from Sydney Media today about our upcoming workshop series, Share a PL8.

The first pilot edition will be facilitated by our very own Lucas Ihlein, winner of the Fremantle Art Centre Print Award 2012 with his joint venture, The Yeomans Project.

Lucas will run the workshop from a rather privileged position, as both a successful artist and as a dedicated printer who knows the nitty gritty of printing with our Big Fag.

The two day workshop will run over a period of two weeks Saturday 9th of August and Saturday 23rd of August.

The first day will be comprised of explanation of how the press works and  a peruse over some of the previous prints produced by us, followed by a discussion of participants’ artwork ideas and workshopping decisions on colour and paper stock for final prints.

You will then go home with that information to create your very own artwork and come back two weeks later to print it, participating in the mysterious workings of our machine to produce special limited edition artworks, yours to go home with.

Sounds good?
All of that for a crazy introductory price of $250>>

Book your place here, only few places left

And here is what SydneyMedia has to say about it>




Where are we now? And how do I get there?

big fag press - new location

In preparation for our Big Fag “O” Day this weekend, we’ve prepared a map and guide to how to arrive at our new home in a timely fashion! Click on the image above for a larger size.

New workshop available>> Share a PL8 :)

Pilot Programme $250 – Saturdays, 14 and 28 June

Have you ever wanted to print your own limited edition artist work but couldn’t afford it?

The Big Fag Press are launching a new workshop series, and in exchange for your feedback, we’re offering an exclusive start-up offer for 8 people.

The Big Fag are a group of artists who run a 4 tonne FAG-104 proofing press which is no longer commericially viable. It is however, a real boon for print-makers, artists and activists who want to print a short series of special works. Unfortunately printing on our beloved fag press can be rather pricey, which is why we’ve devised a system where 8 people get to share a lithographic printing plate (hence the “Share a PL8″) over a 2 day workshop, 2 weeks apart to create a one-colour A4 sized limited edition print.


Lucas Ihlein, inking the press

Lucas Ihlein, inking the press

Day one: (Saturday 14 June, 2014 – 10-4pm)
An exclusive lecture by a guest artist or Big Fag partner
An explanation of how the press works and display of previous prints
Light refreshments
Discussion of participants’ artwork ideas and workshopping
Decisions on colour and paper stock for final prints
You need to bring: Ideas/ sketches/ images for discussion, and lunch

In the meantime:
You have a week to send us your final artwork

Day two: (Saturday 28 June, 2014 – 10-5pm)
Print-making workshop
Light refreshments
You need to bring: Lunch

You will come away with:
A new knowledge of offset print-making
Approximately 50 A4-size limited edition, single-colour artworks

Where we are:
We are located in the little semi-circular rooms called Viaducts directly underneath the bridge where the light rail runs, and alongside Jubilee Park Oval. We are easily accessible by light rail (Jubilee Park stop), on foot and by bike. You can also take bus 431 down to the bottom of Glebe Point Road and follow the waterline around to the bridge. Limited parking is available. Please get in touch by phone if you get lost.

Contact details:
Phone: 0411 045 221
Location: Archway 4, Jubilee Park Oval
(off Chapman Road and beneath Jubilee Park light rail way),
Annandale, NSW 2038

Jubilee Park Viaducts

The City of Sydney Supported “Viaducts”

Please note:
The Big Fag Press reserves the right to reschedule workshops due to ticket sales and unforeseeable circumstances where we will give you at least 48 hours’ notice.
Likewise 48 hours’ notice of cancellation by participants is required for an alternative workshop date.
No previous experience necessary.

Big Fag Press is committed to equal opportunities and recognises, respects and values the diversity of its partners, volunteers and participants.

We thank the City of Sydney for its generous contribution through its Creative City accommodation grants.

Artist Trent Walter printing on the Big Fag

Artist Trent Walter printing on the Big Fag


Big Fag Dance! Join the 4-tonne tango

We have a new home!


It’s official – the Big Fag Press has a new home!
We’re moving to… the Jubilee Viaducts in Glebe!

“Opening onto the picturesque foreshore park at the end of Glebe Point Road, the heritage-listed viaducts measure 85 square metres each.” 

Four tonnes of thanks to the City of Sydney for providing this picturesque space as part of its Accommodation Grants Scheme.
…and what’s more, our new neighbours will include:

  • a Hockey Club,
  • a Football Club, and
  • a Mens Shed.

Hurrah, hurray! Slaps on the back all round.

Here’s to the fruitful co-existence of sport, art and healthy masculine pursuits!

We’ll miss you Woollomooloo, but we’re really looking forward to meeting you, Glebe!


…but before we get there…


…we’ve got to do this:

Hire a crane, a truck, three burly blokes who know how to use a crane and a truck, and a host of traffic control experts in fluorescent vests…

It’s a nifty little manoeuvre we call….



And this is what you stand to gain by joining us in the Big Fag Dance!

Hot off the press – It’s a beautiful two colour offset lithographic print on archival Fabriano paper in a limited edition of 50. The print is approx 50x70cm. Look at it a bit closer.

The gorgeous line drawing is by artist and designer Zoe Sadokierski, who has created a FAG press family tree (with our trusty “FAG OP-104″ front and centre, of course!)

Prepress and printing of this lithograph have been lovingly executed by Big Fag’s very own Pat Armstrong.

Limited Edition? They won’t last long…

…but that’s not all…


How about one or more of these natty collector cards featuring various presses from the FAG family? Collect all eight!


…would you believe, there’s more…


Just in time for Christmas, you can snap up one of these bold BIG FAG tee-shirts.

(Perfect for loved ones who enjoy explaining things to strangers.)

Alright – that’s it. There’s no more.

Well, there are a few other things like badges and whatnot – and even a super limited edition (only 10 available) BIG FAG DANCE PREMIUM COMBO [lithographic print + 8 collector cards] – for serious Big Fag Supporters only…

You can find all of this over in our BIG FAG DANCE fundraising campaign. Get to it. They’ll run out fast (the pozible campaign only just started and it’s flying off the shelves).


Big Fag Press Newsletter – November 2013

Here’s our latest newsletter! Full of Novembery goodness…

John Demos exhibition at The Cross Art Projects

john demos at the cross arts projects flyer

Thursday 31 October – Sunday 3 November.

Closing Party:
3pm, Sunday 3 Nov, with Guest Speaker Josie Cavallaro from Accessible Arts.

Exhibition Opening Hours:
11am to 6pm or by appointment.

The Cross Art Projects:
8 Llankelly Place NSW 2011
(02) 9357 2058

Works on paper – drawings and offset lithographic prints produced by John Demos during his residency at Big Fag Press.

Residency supported by Big Fag Press (Louise Anderson, Diego Bonetto, Lucas Ihlein) and Project Insideout (Kris Tito).

Exhibition curated by Jo Holder from The Cross Art Projects.

This project is supported by Arts NSW’s NSW Artists’ Grant Scheme, a devolved funding program administered by the National Association of the Visual Arts on behalf of the NSW Government.

John Demos’ residency at Big Fag Press was funded by an Amplify Your Art grant administered by Accessible Arts. Studio space was provided by First Draft Depot. Sample papers for John’s art production were kindly supplied by KW Doggett.

logos for john demos show

City of Sydney Cultural & Creative Sector Forum Report by Louise Anderson

city of sydney cultural forum

Big Fag Press Associate Partner Louise Kate Anderson writes:

I just thought I’d do a quick post on this. Last Wednesday I attended the City of Sydney’s Cultural and Creative Sector Forum representing the Big Fag Press. I thought it was a really interesting couple of hours, and I was inspired to know how invested the council is in listening to the thoughts and ideas of people who work in creative fields, in order to see how best to help them be able to use the city as a canvas for their creative endeavours.

Furthermore, it couldn’t have been a better place for networking – my table had a guy who works for the City of Sydney outdoor event management, a woman from ArtsHub, a woman from the Red Room Company, a guy who works in the youth music industry, one of the founders of the College of Event Management, and a woman from Waverley Council.

At the beginning I wasn’t really sure I would have anything to contribute, but the discussion led to many things I had ideas about. Our table came up with a few collective agreements. One was that Sydney is very much a lively place in terms of art and culture. “Top down” events like Vivid Sydney, the Biennale, Chinese New Year and the NYE fireworks are very successful. We also agreed on the fact that the government does a lot to support smaller initiatives, but that maybe these efforts could be slightly better directed.

In terms of “grassroots” initiatives, there was much talk on making it more accessible to individual young artists or smaller collectives wanting to just get out there and express creativity. I spoke of how, last year with my Ivory Tower posters, there was just no place to go out and put them. The dedicated City of Sydney poles for posters just get covered by advertising, and anywhere else they got ripped down. It would be so great if there was just spaces around for spontaneous public art. Places where you don’t need to be a verified “emerging creative” to use. The Guerilla Photography project on Elizabeth St by Fairfax photographers was something that was brought up – but nobody really knows if doing something like that is okay. Is it considered defacing public property? If Clover Moore hadn’t particularly liked those photographs installed in that place, would they have received fines for doing it?

Another thing I brought up was along the same lines – to me, at least when I’m walking around the streets instagramming things, it’s the oddities, the interesting graffiti, the chic little cafes, and the funny coloured walls that get my attention. I like things that are different, and provide an alternate to a cookie cutter town of gloria jeans, lowes and perfectly arranged front gardens. A point was brought up about spaces being unused at certain times – there are many places that, for example, are in use Monday to Friday 9-5pm, but completely useless at other times. So here is where my idea comes through – why can’t artists be the ones to decorate the city – to make the boring interesting. Why can’t we designate it a business carpark by day and a pop-up art gallery by night? Why does a wall have to be a brick wall – getting a company building wall graffitied by local artists could attract valid attention to your business.

And thus brings up another point. About legal, OH&S, and regulatory council hoops to jump through. I remember when I was doing my Open House project in Foley St in 2010, we had a lot of forms to fill out and information to gather, like making sure people had their RSA’s and everything. I know it’s a lot to do with people’s safety, which definitely should be put above all else. But getting through all that bureaucracy is a major hurdle for an artist or a small collective wanting to set up a guerilla pop-up gallery.

Much of our other discussion was about live music venues and making sure under drinking age teenagers also have access to entertainment, which I think is equally important.

Many of the other tables came up with similar points about reducing the “red tape” for artists and giving more opportunities to “grassroots” programs. Overall I found the forum had a very positive outcome, especially if some of these ideas are taken on by the City of Sydney. They could even have a direct impact on ARI’s like the Big Fag Press, like Runway, like Firstdraft. Very exciting!

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