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Big Fag Press Video Teaser

… a great little video by Nick Coppins.

Last year, Nick and his company, Telectran/Aqualux, fitted and provided a fantastic neutral-light, low wattage LED system for the Big Fag’s printroom. It’s transformed the way we work – we can see into every corner and the colour of our prints is “true” (rather than greenish with the fluoro lights).

In exchange, we worked on making some prints with Nick just before Christmas. Pictures soon!

Green Ban Art Walk video is out!

Green Bans Art Walk from Cross Art Projects on Vimeo.


Making Books

One of our fans, Greg, sent through the link to this wonderful, mesmerising movie above. Actually, it probably pertains more to our friends at Blood and Thunder, who are into book-production (whereas the Big Fag is better at large size limited edition prints). But regardless, this is, as Greg says, some “serious print-porn”. (NB: this is very Safe For Work!)

[Incidentally, Greg is one of the founding trustees of the Sydney Chapter of the Awesome Foundation. Free chunks of thousand dollar cash for great ideas? WOW!]


4 colour process

Here at Big Fag, we often fantasise about printing with loads of colours… But as our machine only prints one colour at a time, printing multicolour-style often involves lots of trickery and cunning-smarts in the preparation and execution thereof.

But as clever as we are, we’ve never been as cunning as this fellow, Xavier Antin, who completed a 4-colour CMYK print, using four separate printers in an incredible daisy chain of office-level technological heritage!

MAGENTA=Stencil duplicator
CYAN=Spirit duplicator
BLACK=Laser printer
YELLOW=Inkjet printer

The results are quite stunning:

4 colour result

Check it out over here… If you have time, follow the links, his other projects, hacking inkjet printers are pretty whacky too…

(…thanks to Marcus for the link…)

Video – How Ink is Made

A great short film by the aptly-named Printing Ink Company on how their inks are made. It gives a great feel for how sticky and viscous the inks we use are, and a fair amount of insight into the complicated business of designing and making printable colour!

Watch it in fullscreen HD mode to see it really gloop.

(via Devour)

Big Fag on Aunty’s ‘Art Nation’

A few weeks back, Fennella Kernebone and crew from the ABC dropped by the Depot after having interviewed Big Fags Lucas and Diego about their work in the MCA’s recently-opened show, In The Balance: Art For A Changing World. As part of Lucas’s Environmental Audit project, he is printing a diagram a week on various environmental considerations that surround art and the exhibition process.

The footage has now been edited together into a story and is up online for viewing – you can see Lucas, Diego, and several other people involved in the exhibition talk about their work, and there’s a few seconds of the press in there too!

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