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Big Fag Dance! Join the 4-tonne tango

We have a new home!


It’s official – the Big Fag Press has a new home!
We’re moving to… the Jubilee Viaducts in Glebe!

“Opening onto the picturesque foreshore park at the end of Glebe Point Road, the heritage-listed viaducts measure 85 square metres each.” 

Four tonnes of thanks to the City of Sydney for providing this picturesque space as part of its Accommodation Grants Scheme.
…and what’s more, our new neighbours will include:

  • a Hockey Club,
  • a Football Club, and
  • a Mens Shed.

Hurrah, hurray! Slaps on the back all round.

Here’s to the fruitful co-existence of sport, art and healthy masculine pursuits!

We’ll miss you Woollomooloo, but we’re really looking forward to meeting you, Glebe!


…but before we get there…


…we’ve got to do this:

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Printing botanical illustrations ON botanical specimens>> how post-modern :)


Yes indeed, I thought this to be quite a nice spin off adding yet another successful experiment to our portfolio.

The artwork in question is being printed as one of the reward for a crowd funding campaign by the team at Wild Stories.

A stock of hand made paper was produced by PaperGoRound, containing seeds of common edible weeds. The peculiarity of this paper is that effectively, if you would plant it, would GROW!

This paper was then printed with a set of 4 illustrations by Mirra Whale, depicting the plant whose seeds are imbedded in the paper.

The results are stunning, and if you think they are as worthy of appreciation as much as the campaign is worthy of support, please do head to the link here to get either a single one or the full set>>

Launch of the Firstdraft Print Edition 2013, featuring Marking their territory by Joan Ross

Big Fag Press just finished printing the latest of FirstDraft Print Edition, which will be launched as part of ArtMonth this coming Saturday.

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Emerging Artist Residency – Pat’s Notes

I’ve printed on the Big Fag before, but that was a pretty simple job so I was really excited by the prospect of spending three weeks in the company of the big rig.

Drawing drawers
Drawing drawers

I make zines and comic books. I’m not really interested in fine art or gallery work but I really love carefully produced published material and art books. My favorite kinds of artwork can be sent through the mail.
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Big Fag Press Emerging Artists Residency – Laura’s Studio Notes

I should begin by confessing that I am a novice printmaker, my only firsthand experience being crude linocuts and one attempt at etching back in high school. In many ways my current practice could be seen as the antithesis to printmaking, using video, performance and installation to avoid a finished work. Yet there is something in the methodology of printing that resonates with me; perhaps it is the re-mediation of an image into multiples or the construction of a work through layers.

working sketch

A print can imply the history of its own making if you know how to read it; colour variation though halftone, spatial depth by overlap, movement by misaligned registration. In most cases a correct image does all these things and erases evidence of itself in the final product. This may sound fairly obvious to someone fluent in design and picture making but to me it is a perplexing sequential process for which I’m missing the instructions. Which perhaps suggests why I am drawn to disciplined compositional work like Joseph Albers’ Homage to the Square series.
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Big Fag Press Emerging Artists Residency Programme

Announcing our first project for 2013:
the Big Fag Press Emerging Artists Residency Programme.

For three weeks in January 2013, Big Fag Press will host two emerging artists in its Woolloomooloo workshops. In fact, they both showed up this morning all starry eyed and excited about starting a new project from scratch!

Who are they? Laura Hindmarsh (from Hobart) and Pat Grant (from Wollongong).

pat grant

Pat Grant churning through prototypes for his Big Fag project…

Laura is known for her video and performance work; Pat is an accomplished comic book maker. Both are committed to interdisciplinary practice, collaboration and experimentation, which makes them ideal for our residency programme.

laura hindmarsh

Laura Hindmarsh developing new ideas on “Day One” of the residency…

The idea is to provide an opportunity to artists who would not normally be able to afford such a luxurious period of time playing around on our machine. It also means that we at the Big Fag extend ourselves, trying out ways of working that are outside of our normal methods.

In Sydney, Pat and Laura be accommodated by Artspace‘s residential studios in Woolloomooloo (10 minutes walk from Big Fag Press). Artspace has been a terrific supporter of Big Fag, ever since we moved to Woolloomooloo a few years ago.

Pat and Laura will work intensively with Big Fag Press personnel. The advantage of having two simultaneous artists in residence is that their projects can cross-pollinate as they evolve. They may, if they choose, even collaborate with each other!

At the end of the residency period, we’ll host an informal launch at the First Draft Depot, so you can see what Laura and Pat have come up with. (The launch will probably take place on the afternoon of February 3rd – we’ll update here shortly). Many thanks to First Draft Gallery for supporting this whole programme!

Meantime – if you’d like to pop down between now and the beginning of February, please get in touch – we’ll put on the kettle for ya!

– – –

The Big Fag Press Emerging Artist Residency Programme is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts’ grant for Artist Run Initiatives.

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Ivory Tower prints at the Big Fag

…a close-up of Louise’s Ivory Tower Newspaper…

This month we’re very proud of Louise Anderson, our “senior intern” here at the Big Fag.

Louise has been barrelling along to the triumphant conclusion of her honours year in Fashion Design at UTS.

In the process, she has taught herself offset printing, and launched a satirical campaign about the fashion and beauty industries.

In this blog post by Louise, you can follow along as she prints her paste-up “Ivory Tower” newspapers on the Big Fag. The papers are posted around the city, and a QR code embedded on them leads to this website.

Louise’s graduating student show at UTS has set up a pozible campaign to raise money for their event.

You can also follow Louise on Twitter.

Emily Floyd prints at the Big Fag

emily floyd with print

This month we were very pleased to host Melbourne artist Emily Floyd in our workshop.

Emily is an artist whose diverse projects intersect strongly with our interests at the Big Fag. Namely: utopian collectivism, information graphics and typography.

Working with Diego and Louise from Big Fag Press, Emily produced a remake of a leftist conference programme from Sydney in the 1980s. You can see more images of the print here.

The work is on show at Anna Schwarz Gallery, Sydney, from 6 October – 10 November 2012.

emily floyd print
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Justine print for the homeless

Justine Muller has been living in Wooloomooloo all her life, the publican’s daughter of the East Sydney Pub on Cathedral Street, she grew up knowing how hard it can be for the people on the street.

Her big drawing ‘Sleeping Rough in Wooloomooloo‘ has recently been selected as a finalist for the Dobell prize.

Following her artistic achievement Justine decided to print a limited edition of the artwork with us at Big Fag Press, in aid for the subject of her drawing,  and recently sold one of the print at a silent auction in conjunction with CEO Sleep out, rising $1100 for the homeless of Woolloomooloo.

Well done Justine!

Trampoline Day!

Louise Anderson, our “intern”, has been learning the ropes at the Big Fag for over a year now. Her education in running the machine has been sporadic, mainly because the Big Fag’s directors keep doing annoying things like “their own art projects”, or “having babies”, or “getting prestigious jobs in design firms”. Phooey to them!

But finally, the day arrived when Louise was ready to run a whole job herself from start to finish. Apart from quoting and invoicing (and who wants to do that crap anyway), Louise managed the entire lifecycle – design iteration, client liason, prepress, platemaking, printing, postproduction and handover.

In this blog post, Louise gives an insight into the process. This might be a really useful post for those who are thinking of making a print on the Big Fag Press themselves. As Louise notes in her text below, printing flyers is not at all the Big Fag’s bread and butter. But because the Trampoline Day folks are so damn awesome, we decided to make an exception in this case…
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