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Here’s a list of projects the Big Fag Press is participating in, or┬árunning!

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  • Big Fag Dance Pozible Campaign

    We have a new home! It’s official – the Big Fag Press has a new home! We’re moving to… the Jubilee Viaducts in Glebe! “Opening onto the picturesque foreshore park at the end of Glebe Point Road, the heritage-listed viaducts measure 85 square metres each.” Four tonnes of thanks to the City of Sydney for […]

  • John Demos – Accessible Arts Residency, 2013

    A mentorship + residency programme with John Demos, developed through collaboration with Project Insideout at Macquarie Hospital. This residency has been made possible through Amplify your Arts which is a devolved funding program administered by Accessible Arts on behalf of the NSW Government through Arts NSW and Ageing, Disability and Home Care. John has been […]

  • Mapping Sydney, 2009-2013mapping sydney

    Mapping Sydney reveals new faces of Sydney, suppressed, overlooked, or never imagined by conventional maps and tourist guides. Curated and commissioned by UTS academic Dr Naomi Stead, it combines artists, an architect, a visual communication designer, a landscape architect, a writer, and an animator to provide original maps to the harbour city. Big Fag Press […]

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