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Emerging Artists Residency Programme, January 2013

front plate

front plate

In January 2013, Big Fag Press hosted two emerging artists in its Woolloomooloo workshops: Laura Hindmarsh (TAS) and Pat Grant (NSW).

The idea was to provide an opportunity to artists who would not normally be able to afford such a luxurious period of time playing around on our machine. It also meant that we at the Big Fag had to extend ourselves too – trying out ways of working that were outside of our normal methods.

In Sydney, Pat and Laura were accommodated by Artspace‘s residential studios in Woolloomooloo (10 minutes walk from Big Fag Press). Artspace has been a terrific supporter of Big Fag, ever since we moved to Woolloomooloo a few years ago.

Pat and Laura worked intensively with Big Fag Press personnel. The advantage of having two simultaneous artists in residence is that their projects can cross-pollinate as they evolve.

At the end of the residency period, we hosted an informal launch at the First Draft Depot. Many thanks to First Draft Gallery for supporting this whole programme!

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Residency Programme Launch: publicity flyer for the launch BBQ.

Laura’s Studio Notes: Laura Hindmarsh’s extensive studio notes reflecting on the development of her project at Big Fag.

Pat’s Studio Notes: Pat Grant’s extensive studio notes reflecting on the development of his project at Big Fag.

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The Big Fag Press Emerging Artists Residency Programme was supported by Artspace, FirstDraft and financially assisted by the Australian Council for the Arts.

Australian Council for the Arts


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