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Extrapolate: the art of John Demos

Opening on Saturday August 29, 3 to 5pm

Exhibition running from Sunday 30 August to Thursday September 10

To be opened by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Robyn Kemmis

Extrapolate – the Art of John Demos, curated by Lucy Brack.

An exhibition showcasing a small fragment of the prolific output of artist John Demos. The show includes new drawings and prints on paper, assemblages and videos produced at the Big Fag Press workshop throughout 2015, alongside seminal works dating back 30 years such as whiteboards, furniture-as-art and ceramics.

In much of this work, Demos splices concrete poetry with visual art. Language is inscribed, repeated, and painstakingly hand-coloured. Words march across the page, or across the surfaces of an object, with formal rhythms emerging through iteration and re-iteration. In this way, Demos prises apart the meaning of language from its everyday communicative function.

Exhibition background:

Big Fag Press is a Sydney-based Artist Run Incorporated Association. We own a 4-tonne offset proofing press that we use to print limited edition works by artists and designers. We are committed to the development of creative partnerships with artists and the community through providing access to high-quality offset printing, artist residencies, internships and community engagement projects.

As part of our social outreach program we work with artists with disabilities, provide mentoring and give access to facilities and networking opportunities through a supported studio set-up.

John Demos has been working at Big Fag Press for the past 2 years. The partnership began when Accessible Arts awarded John an Amplify Your Art grant, for which he chose to produce a series of limited-edition prints and other related work(s). John threw himself completely into this opportunity that resulted in ten experimental prints, a short video documentary and a major solo exhibition at The Cross Art Projects in December 2013. Since then John’s work has been featured on Runway Magazine, ArtsHub and RealTime while he kept producing scores of drawings and assemblages. This exhibition will showcase the latest oeuvre of this senior artist.

This exhibition is curated by emerging curator Lucy Brack, who also advocates for the need to create supporting networks for artists with a disability.

Curator statement by Lucy Brack:

I am an emerging curator with a genetically acquired chronic physical disability and am the recipient of multi organ transplantation. Having a disability, I have formed enriching friendships and networks, with people with disabilities or experiencing disability and see the strength, determination and ability we have and the empowerment community and supporting networks offer for diversity, inclusivity and leadership. I am really excited to be collaborating with the Big Fag Press and John Demos and advocating the palpable significance developed through this supported network.

BW John Demos_Headshot

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