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Four Tonne Tango – Proposed Project

Four Tonne Tango  provides an open framework for an unusual collaborative adventure, as four artists work cheek-by-jowl with each other in the Sydney workshop space of the Big Fag Press.

Over 3 weeks, a tango dancer and a sound artist will be invited to tackle this four-tonne offset printing press from the 1970s. In turn, two artists from the Big Fag Press artist group will tackle the tango dancer and the sound artist, embarking on a collaborative process with unknown outcomes.

This page compiles some sound, images and videos by the participating artists in the proposed project.

Participating artists:

Mark Brown.  web:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.54.00 PM

Mark Brown working on Gazelle Resonance 2012

Click here to listen to Mark Brown’s Gazelle Resonance [mp3 file, 1.5min]

A salvaged Napier Gazelle Helicopter turbo shaft jet engine is transported to the gallery, and used as a sound source. A direct input/output system of transducers, microphones, vibration sensors and solenoids is attached to the now crippled engine. Generative sonic energy activates the Gazelle, reminding us of the awesome power its combustion tubes, compressor blades and powerful gearbox once transmitted to the blades that created lift and transported the helicopter from one deployment to the next. The sound and vibration generated from the centrally displayed engine / sculpture / instrument fills the space – in a sense re-framing the gallery as ‘engine room’ or testing facility.

Hosanna Heinrich.  web:

Picture 11

‘Apache Studies’ by Hosanna Heinrich, Kenny Feather & Chris Wilson, was inspired by the ‘Danse Apache’, a brutal street dance from the early 1900s which hijacks the waltz and Tango, interspersing the dance embrace with acts of brutality such as slapping, strangling and hair pulling. The artists developed a series of vignettes that explore the possibilities for enacting the gendered elements of movement, and playing around with the slippage between the embrace and the conflict, using the partner dance of Tango with elements of martial arts and Tai Chi. They also investigated the possibilities of tracking and various other filmic techniques in the presentation of these vignettes on film.

Diego Bonetto.  web :

Diego Bonetto collaborates extensively with various people and professions, expanding and engaging with ever-growing possibilities. In this video the artist joins forces with two chefs and a sommellier for a foraging expedition and a dinner, where the cultural qualities of spontaneous flora get explicated and consumed. This work is typical of Bonetto’s practice, peppered with all sort of cross pollination and media stunts.

Lucas Ihlein.  web :

field trip visit to taranaki farm

Field Visit to Taranaki Farm, Victoria, which has been redesigned based on Yeomans’ Principles

lucas with print

Lucas Ihlein with Yeomans Project print, produced on Big Fag Press in collaboration with Ian Milliss

Images from Yeomans Project by Lucas Ihlein and Ian Milliss. This project was an exploration of the cultural (and agricultural) significance of pioneering farmer P.A.Yeomans. The project involved bus tours, workshops, archival research, blogging and printmaking, and is typical of the multi-pronged approach Ihlein takes in many of his projects.

Big Fag Press  web :


experimenting turning the paper on the press

Laura Hindmarsh experimenting turning the paper on the press

In January 2013, Big Fag Press hosted two emerging artists in its Woolloomooloo workshops: an experimental video maker,  Laura Hindmarsh (TAS) and a cartoonist, Pat Grant (NSW). For a period of three weeks the two artists worked closely with the Big Fag printers challenging both the machine and the procedure, achieving striking and engaging results.  The residency was supported by ArtSpace, FirstDraft and financially assisted by the Australian Council for the Arts.

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