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Mapping Sydney, 2009-2013

mapping sydney shadbolt

Jane Shadbolt: Mapping Sydney, 2009 (reprinted 2013)

Mapping Sydney reveals new faces of Sydney, suppressed, overlooked, or never imagined by conventional maps and tourist guides.

Curated and commissioned by UTS academic Dr Naomi Stead, it combines artists, an architect, a visual communication designer, a landscape architect, a writer, and an animator to provide original maps to the harbour city.

Big Fag Press printed maps for this project by Kate Sweetapple; Naomi Stead, Katrina Schlunke and Trina Day; and Jane Shadbolt.

An exhibition was held at UTS DAB Lab in 2009.

Since then, we have published limited edition re-prints of these maps, which are available for sale at our online store.

Some more info about the project is here.

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