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We welcome enquiries from artists and designers interested in printing & collaboration.

Please contact us for more information.

The collaborative workflow often goes like this:

  • Artist emails Big Fag Press with initial enquiry.
  • Big Fag Press replies, requesting sample jpg of image to be printed, and a plethora of other information which we need, in order to determine how the project should best be carried out.
  • Artist sends jpg and answers to questions.
  • Big Fag Press sends quote* for printing the project and a proposed timeline.
  • Artist and Big Fag Press decide to go ahead or not with the project.

To give you an idea – you should contact us a minimum of a month before your proposed deadline (unless we already know your work, and you already know what’s required for printing with us).

*Regarding costs… you should be pre-warned that Big Fag Press is, so to speak, “not the cheapest” …

However, unlike most commercial printing businesses, when you work with Big Fag, you work alongside our highly experienced artists. We offer a bespoke collaborative experience, and we spend time with you, making sure we understand what you’re trying to achieve with your artwork.

* * *

Technical info for those preparing files to print:

1. If you are working with scanned images, scan them at the highest resolution. The images should be at at least 300dpi at the final size they will be printed. That is, if the original image is 10cm high, but you are intending to print it at 20cm high, then you should scan it at 600dpi minimum.

2. Prepare your print in Illustrator or Indesign or Quark or some similar programme, if you need to add text or vector graphics or combine images etc. Set the document up as CMYK not RGB. Set the size of the document – the maximum printable area of the press is 1000 X 700mm – but if you can, make it a bit smaller. This size is slightly larger than A1. Remember to consider what paper you will be printing on. Is the available paper at a corresponding size to your print image?

3. Paper sizes: The biggest paper we have is 720 x 1020 mm. The most common paper size we have is 650 x 910 mm (and some 650 x 920 mm). However, you can print on any size paper up to 720 X 1020. You can order your own custom paper. Check with us in advance. [UPDATE – if you’re ordering in new paper to print on, consider this sustainable paper guide…]

4. When setting up your image to make plates: size of the plate used on the Big Fag is 800 x 1030 mm. Edge of artwork needs to be set at minimum of 80mm from edge of plate (that is, one long edge of artwork needs to be 80mm from edge of plate that gets punch-holes). If in doubt, get in touch with us and we can help, or do it for you.

We have created a template to help you lay out your plate. You can download a JPG version here, or a PDF version here.

5. Export the file to PDF. If your image contains more than one colour, the platemaker will divide it into individual colours (one colour=one plate).

6. If you are having troubles, email info@bigfagpress.orgmake sure you leave plenty of time for troubleshooting before your deadline (or better still, don’t work to a deadline!).

* * *


big fag press logo

Sometimes galleries, sponsors, funding agencies, festivals etc will need our logo to place on your publicity material. Feel free to download and use the versions below. If you need the logo in other colours or in reverse, get in touch with us.

Click here to download logo as PDF.
Click here to download our logo as JPG.

* * *

You might also want to consult The Big Fag Brochure/Poster. It contains a cornucopia of information which may help you when preparing to print with us. (Be aware that although handsome, the brochure was created in 2008, and some of the information in there might now be out-of-date. Always check with us when preparing your images for printing.)

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