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A Very Wild Surprise

Here at the press we present all sort of events, and coming up there are a set of wild ones!


Co-founder Diego Bonetto will host a series of happenings as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now presented by ANZ.

The glorious Big Fag location will frame an evening of wild appetisers and music after a stroll at dusk along Glebe’s Rozelle and Blackwattle Bays. Diego will take guests on a discovery tour of the area, presenting the many edible plants living in the landscape. You will learn to identify and prepare food growing everywhere, including your own backyards and then savour them thanks to chef Joey Astorga and mixologists Byron Woolfrey and Chris Thomas from Trolley’d.

Diego says “Experience the Sydney harbour foreshore with a new perspective: sweet drinks can be made from Banksia flowers, early settlers survived famine with native warrigals, and migrant communities collect weeds for traditional dishes celebrating their cultural heritage to this day.”

Bookings here>

Event Title: A Very Wild Surprise!

Summary for Program: Learn the art of foraging and expand your culinary horizons with a wild food experience to be remembered. Discover Sydney’s public domain food sources.

Venue Name: Jubilee Park Viaduct 4

When: March 11, 21, 29 6:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: $75-$95 

See the Spectrum now listing here>


Bayu Widodo Exhibition at Big Fag Press

bayu exhibition big fag press

CETAK SARANG ATTACK #1 – A travelling exhibition and printmaking event. (Cetak Sarang means “Screen-printing”!)

Click here for the Facebook event page.

During the past month, celebrated Indonesian printmaker Bayu Widodo has been artist in residence at Footscray Community Arts Centre in Melbourne, and Megalo Print Studio in Canberra.

Now, join us at Big Fag Press in Sydney for Bayu’s last Aussie hurrah before he heads back home to Yogyakarta, “The Berlin of Asia”.

The show features 50 silkscreen prints by 50 artists on handmade recycled paper, produced during recent workshops at SURVIVE!garage in Yogyakarta.

PLUS a brand new artwork by Bayu printed on the Big Fag Press!

All works are very limited edition prints. All are for sale (and would make fine Christmas gifts…)

The Details:

Saturday 29 November, 12pm-5pm
Sausage and Sambal Sizzle
Live-action printing of a brand new lithographic print by Bayu Widodo, rolling hot off the Big Fag Press before your very eyes!
The exhibition will also be open on Sunday 30 November 12-5pm (but without the sambal-sizzle + live printing)
Big Fag Press is located at Archway 4, Jubilee Park, Annandale (map here).
All welcome – kid-friendly – free entry!

bayu at the big fag press

Bayu Widodo with Diego Bonetto, Lucas Ihlein and Adrian O’Doherty setting up for the exhibition at Big Fag Press (photo: Sara Marti).

Mapping Workshop – ideas

Some Mapping ideas

Maps are used for:

Way finding

To make visible something previously not visible

To show relationships between things
– spatial
– causal
– ideological
– fanciful
– geological and social etc

To dominate ( European maps of new world)

To demonstrate ownership (cadastral maps)

To persuade or control ( map showing what school you are allowed to send your kids to, depending where you live)

To market or promote. ( example of North Carolina from Denis woods)

The making of a map can be a form of knowledge production ( ie it doesn’t just show something already known , rather it brings a new piece of knowledge into the world )

• Walk for exactly twenty minutes and map everything you see while you are walking.

• Group of three stands in a line side by side and walks to other end of [given space]. Take 30 minutes to reach your destination (have clock visible). Turn and take 30 minutes to walk back. Map your findings.

• Sit still for exactly twenty minutes and map everything you see

• Select an area in the [space] and draw it faithfully. How can this be a map?

• Map out an area and grid it into square metres (use tape measures, and chalk or string to create this grid) and record this. Take a small sample from each square metre and map this.

• Lie down on your back and record movements of people/animals/sun and wind/clouds

• Map all the rubbish in a given area, retain fragments of the rubbish, discard the rest in a bin.

• Select an area, place yourself in the middle of that area and do a continuous contour line drawing, rotating your body 360 degrees as you progress the drawing. Take 6 minutes, turning at a steady rate, to turn the full 360 degrees. Repeat, but now take 12 minutes. Repeat, but now take 24 minutes. Join each drawing end to end to create a 2-D image of the 360 degree view.

• Record all living and dead things in a chosen area

• 1. Map the birds or lizards that inhabit/move through a space and note their behaviour. 2. Intersect the movements of humans, birds and lizards by mapping their paths

• Explore the history of the space. Draw “ghost maps” of the space in different configurations and overlay.

• Grid an area with string or chalk and do a small drawing of something that lies within each grid square

• Create a new “unit of measurement” based on your body. Measure and plot the dimensions of the space using this unit of measurement.

• Calculate how many people could stand shoulder to shoulder in a chosen space. Can you undertake to gather that amount of people to test this idea? Map results, of course.

• Map the acoustic qualities of a space – echo, flat, resonant etc. What are the material properties that give rise to the acoustic properties? Place two people in the space and see how far apart they can stand while carrying on a normal conversation audibly etc. Document findings in a map.

• Draw a map of the area from memory after spending 15 minutes observing the space. (Map should be created in a different place from the space that you’ve observed)

• Surveillance :
a) where can you be seen from when you are in the area? Is there anywhere in that space where you can’t be seen by others?
b) find a place from which you can survey the area without being seen by those below.

• Thought map: map your thoughts as they occur while sitting in a space. Show how one thought leads to another, diverges, connects with something else. (Bonus – map your feelings as they occur in the space. Think about developing a suitable “legend” to represent these on a map)

• Social map: map the sorts of interactions that occur between people in a given location for a set period of time. Note how the location itself impacts on these interactions.

• Meet every ‘dog person’ that walks past. Get them to plot their home on a large format rough map . Get them to plot their walk itinerary.

Big Fag in the news


Great shout out from Sydney Media today about our upcoming workshop series, Share a PL8.

The first pilot edition will be facilitated by our very own Lucas Ihlein, winner of the Fremantle Art Centre Print Award 2012 with his joint venture, The Yeomans Project.

Lucas will run the workshop from a rather privileged position, as both a successful artist and as a dedicated printer who knows the nitty gritty of printing with our Big Fag.

The two day workshop will run over a period of two weeks Saturday 9th of August and Saturday 23rd of August.

The first day will be comprised of explanation of how the press works and  a peruse over some of the previous prints produced by us, followed by a discussion of participants’ artwork ideas and workshopping decisions on colour and paper stock for final prints.

You will then go home with that information to create your very own artwork and come back two weeks later to print it, participating in the mysterious workings of our machine to produce special limited edition artworks, yours to go home with.

Sounds good?
All of that for a crazy introductory price of $250>>

Book your place here, only few places left

And here is what SydneyMedia has to say about it>




Big Fag “O” Day



A Big FAG O-Day
Happy 10th Birthday Big Fag!
Saturday 7th June, 3pm onwards

Big Fag Press
Archway 4, Jubilee Park Oval
Annandale/ Glebe NSW
(under the Jubilee Park light rail stop)

The Big Fag is celebrating its 10th Birthday and our official house warming!

We’ve constructed a temporary gallery space to show some of our best print work to date featuring work by Justin Shoulder, Mirra Whale, Fiona McDonald, Pat Grant, John Demos, Keg de Souza, Ian Milliss and more!

With a sausage sizzle, some sweet tunes, drinks, cake, streamers and fairy floss, we expect to draw a happy crowd!

Throughout the long weekend, our ad-hoc gallery will also be open from 10-4pm, Sunday-Monday June 8-9. We’re also taking this opportunity to launch our brand new program of workshops and activities.

So there will be ‘something for everyone’. Did somebody say fairy floss?


Join our Facebook event!


All of this will unfold in our new space offered by the City of Sydney located in the Glebe Viaducts: “Opening onto the picturesque foreshore park at the end of Glebe Point Road, the heritage-listed viaducts measure 85 square metres each.” Four tonnes of thanks to the City of Sydney for providing this picturesque space as part of its Accommodation Grant SchemeThis project is also assisted by a grant from Arts NSW, an agency of the New South Wales Government and supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian State and Territory Governments. The program is administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).

Where are we now? And how do I get there?

big fag press - new location

In preparation for our Big Fag “O” Day this weekend, we’ve prepared a map and guide to how to arrive at our new home in a timely fashion! Click on the image above for a larger size.

New workshop available>> Share a PL8 :)

Pilot Programme $250 – Saturdays, 14 and 28 June

Have you ever wanted to print your own limited edition artist work but couldn’t afford it?

The Big Fag Press are launching a new workshop series, and in exchange for your feedback, we’re offering an exclusive start-up offer for 8 people.

The Big Fag are a group of artists who run a 4 tonne FAG-104 proofing press which is no longer commericially viable. It is however, a real boon for print-makers, artists and activists who want to print a short series of special works. Unfortunately printing on our beloved fag press can be rather pricey, which is why we’ve devised a system where 8 people get to share a lithographic printing plate (hence the “Share a PL8″) over a 2 day workshop, 2 weeks apart to create a one-colour A4 sized limited edition print.


Lucas Ihlein, inking the press

Lucas Ihlein, inking the press

Day one: (Saturday 14 June, 2014 – 10-4pm)
An exclusive lecture by a guest artist or Big Fag partner
An explanation of how the press works and display of previous prints
Light refreshments
Discussion of participants’ artwork ideas and workshopping
Decisions on colour and paper stock for final prints
You need to bring: Ideas/ sketches/ images for discussion, and lunch

In the meantime:
You have a week to send us your final artwork

Day two: (Saturday 28 June, 2014 – 10-5pm)
Print-making workshop
Light refreshments
You need to bring: Lunch

You will come away with:
A new knowledge of offset print-making
Approximately 50 A4-size limited edition, single-colour artworks

Where we are:
We are located in the little semi-circular rooms called Viaducts directly underneath the bridge where the light rail runs, and alongside Jubilee Park Oval. We are easily accessible by light rail (Jubilee Park stop), on foot and by bike. You can also take bus 431 down to the bottom of Glebe Point Road and follow the waterline around to the bridge. Limited parking is available. Please get in touch by phone if you get lost.

Contact details:
Phone: 0411 045 221
Location: Archway 4, Jubilee Park Oval
(off Chapman Road and beneath Jubilee Park light rail way),
Annandale, NSW 2038

Jubilee Park Viaducts

The City of Sydney Supported “Viaducts”

Please note:
The Big Fag Press reserves the right to reschedule workshops due to ticket sales and unforeseeable circumstances where we will give you at least 48 hours’ notice.
Likewise 48 hours’ notice of cancellation by participants is required for an alternative workshop date.
No previous experience necessary.

Big Fag Press is committed to equal opportunities and recognises, respects and values the diversity of its partners, volunteers and participants.

We thank the City of Sydney for its generous contribution through its Creative City accommodation grants.

Artist Trent Walter printing on the Big Fag

Artist Trent Walter printing on the Big Fag


Would you like to volunteer with us?

John Demos, Tim Barbarino, Lucas Ihlein, Kris Tito, Louise Anderson and Diego Bonetto at the end of John Demos' Accessible Arts Residency at the Big Fag Press, The Cross Art Projects, Kings Cross

John Demos, Tim Barbarino, Lucas Ihlein, Kris Tito, Louise Anderson and Diego Bonetto at the end of John Demos’ Accessible Arts Residency at the Big Fag Press, The Cross Art Projects, Kings Cross

The Big Fag Press is an artist –run –initiative and much of the time, it is a labour of love rather than money. We’re always on the lookout for volunteers or people looking for long term work- placement situations about one or two days per week for several months.

It may seem like a strange organisation to come and work with, but because it is a very small operation, you will get hands-on experience in many areas.

We welcome interest from people who would like to develop skills in:

  • Administration and project management for the arts

  • Media strategy and marketing, including social media

  • Day to day website and online store maintenance

  • Graphic design, branding and promotion

  • Photography and short video making

  • Pre-press and offset lithographic print-making

  • Learning the operations of an Artist–Run–Initiative

You need to be:

  • Friendly, open-minded and willing to work as part of a team

  • Independent and not afraid to take on new tasks

  • Able to work in a collaborative environment

  • Driven and enthusiastic

  • Organised and punctual

  • Willing to accept our anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policy

You will get:

  • Hands on experience in any area of the operation you wish to

  • A friendly, happy team to work with

  • The opportunity to network within the arts community

  • General mentorship from people in the art world

  • A reference

You may like to read this blog post on her internship at the Big Fag by our now Associate Partner, Louise Kate Anderson. Her work at the Big Fag has aided her arts administration and project management skills, and led to many other opportunities such as being on the board of Runway Australian Experimental Art, working as Exhibition Assistant for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013 and being a panellist in an Accessible Arts’ forum at the MCA about Supported Studio Networks.

If interested please send us an email at or just come to our Big FAG O Day on June 7>9

Big Fag Dance! Join the 4-tonne tango

We have a new home!


It’s official – the Big Fag Press has a new home!
We’re moving to… the Jubilee Viaducts in Glebe!

“Opening onto the picturesque foreshore park at the end of Glebe Point Road, the heritage-listed viaducts measure 85 square metres each.” 

Four tonnes of thanks to the City of Sydney for providing this picturesque space as part of its Accommodation Grants Scheme.
…and what’s more, our new neighbours will include:

  • a Hockey Club,
  • a Football Club, and
  • a Mens Shed.

Hurrah, hurray! Slaps on the back all round.

Here’s to the fruitful co-existence of sport, art and healthy masculine pursuits!

We’ll miss you Woollomooloo, but we’re really looking forward to meeting you, Glebe!


…but before we get there…


…we’ve got to do this:

Hire a crane, a truck, three burly blokes who know how to use a crane and a truck, and a host of traffic control experts in fluorescent vests…

It’s a nifty little manoeuvre we call….



And this is what you stand to gain by joining us in the Big Fag Dance!

Hot off the press – It’s a beautiful two colour offset lithographic print on archival Fabriano paper in a limited edition of 50. The print is approx 50x70cm. Look at it a bit closer.

The gorgeous line drawing is by artist and designer Zoe Sadokierski, who has created a FAG press family tree (with our trusty “FAG OP-104″ front and centre, of course!)

Prepress and printing of this lithograph have been lovingly executed by Big Fag’s very own Pat Armstrong.

Limited Edition? They won’t last long…

…but that’s not all…


How about one or more of these natty collector cards featuring various presses from the FAG family? Collect all eight!


…would you believe, there’s more…


Just in time for Christmas, you can snap up one of these bold BIG FAG tee-shirts.

(Perfect for loved ones who enjoy explaining things to strangers.)

Alright – that’s it. There’s no more.

Well, there are a few other things like badges and whatnot – and even a super limited edition (only 10 available) BIG FAG DANCE PREMIUM COMBO [lithographic print + 8 collector cards] – for serious Big Fag Supporters only…

You can find all of this over in our BIG FAG DANCE fundraising campaign. Get to it. They’ll run out fast (the pozible campaign only just started and it’s flying off the shelves).


Big Fag Press Newsletter – November 2013

Here’s our latest newsletter! Full of Novembery goodness…

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